Everything You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is one of the most natural activities that we can take part in. Not only is it enjoyable, but studies have also shown that it helps to form and strengthen bonds between partners in a relationship. It has also been shown to have a positive correlation with good mental health.

Penetrative sex, though, requires the man to be able to get an erection. This happens when blood is pumped to the penis in higher than usual volumes. This causes it to inflate and become rigid, allowing for penetrative sex. For some men, though, achieving an erection can seem all but impossible. Not only can this remove their ability to have some fun in the bedroom, but it can also put a strain on relationships and on both partners’ mental well-being.

A Common Problem

Erectile dysfunction is also more likely to occur as men get older. At younger ages, around 20% of men will suffer from erectile dysfunction and this will increase to around 50% in men that are 40 years old or older.

It can be easy for a man to feel as though they are lacking if they suffer from erectile dysfunction. They might take some consolation in the fact, though, that it is quite a common problem. It is quite normal and is caused by factors such as just being tired, stressed or even just having drunk too much alcohol. It can happen to men even in perfect physical and mental health and is not an indicator that the patient is lacking in any way.

If it is a common occurrence, then it could be a sign that the patient is suffering from poor physical or mental health. Even then, poor health is nothing to be ashamed of and is quite normal. People with erectile dysfunction symptom are far from alone, no matter the reason for their problem.

Getting Help

The good news is that there is plenty of help available. You will find clinics up and down the country that deals specifically witch sexual help. This includes helping men with erectile dysfunction. In many cases, you can even just walk-in without first having to make an appointment. If you so choose, you can also choose to book an appointment with private specialists.

A qualified consultant will ask you various questions to try and get a picture of your lifestyle overall. They will also likely perform a genital examination and also take some blood tests. This will help to identify and/or rule out any physical causes that might be causing the problem. A rectal examination might also need to be performed in some cases.

If a physical problem is identified then the nurse or doctor is able to arrange for treatment, which will often involve medicines. The good news is that most problems are relatively easy to treat and the problem will be resolved fairly quickly. In fact, many patients will find that they are able to have intercourse within a day or two of receiving treatment.

Lifestyle Advice

Quite often, erectile dysfunction is simply down to the patient not taking as much care of themselves as they should. This will often include a poor diet, a lack of exercise and excessive alcohol consumption. You might be asked to make certain lifestyle changes; which could help improve your overall well-being in addition to your erectile dysfunction problem.

One case can be very different from another and it is important that a treatment is tailor-made for the individual patient. What doesn’t work for one person may work perfectly for the other. For this reason, the doctor will want to get a detailed picture of your lifestyle to help devise a plan just for you.


One of the most common treatments of all is Viagra. Viagra is actually the brand name for sildenafil and other products are available that contain sildenafil, which is the active ingredient. Viagra used to be available on prescription only but is now available in the UK over the counter, but a consultation will be required first to ensure it is safe for you to use it. The active ingredient increases blood flow to the penis, allowing the patient to get an erection. An erection will only occur with when the patient is having sex.


If the patient is suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms due to psychological problems, then counselling may help. It can be caused by issues such as depression or anxiety and counselling can often help the patient to overcome these issues. It is more likely to be a psychological problem if the patient is able to achieve an erection except when having sex.

While treatment will often focus on the immediate problem, which is helping the patient to get an erection, it can also involve getting to the route of the problem. Underlying causes can be causing the patient unhappiness in their lives in general and not just in the bedroom. Fortunately, it is a field that we have learned a great deal about and the majority of patients will achieve successful results.

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